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Please send an email with your studyplan to This plan needs to include your name, your email address and your student ID, additional to the regulation that should be applied to your studyplan. The studyplan should be formatted as a list of module numbers, their names and the credits for this module. Here are links to the Regulations for Bachelor and Master in CS:
Regulations B.Sc. Applied CS
Regulations M.Sc. Applied CS
Regulations M.Sc. Applied Data Science (Select "Structure" tab, then scroll down and click on "Current und older versions", the list is then served as a pop-up)

Important: Error in the regulations

There is an error in the B. Sc. regulations.
IX.2.b (Elective subjects in math/science) does NOT need 13C, but only 10C.
This can not be changed in the text, for bureaucratic reasons, but it is implemented correctly in FlexNow and the examination office is informed.

To help you creating a well formatted studyplan, use the studyplan-application below.
Modules can be selected by click. Choosen modules are highlighted in green. Mandatory modules can not be unselected. Please notice that we do not assess if modules are offered in summer- or winterterm. Therefore it is up to you to select the modules in a way that your workload is balanced throughout the semesters. Furthermore, it is possible that some of listed modules are deprecated and no longer offered. In such a case we ask for a brief notice via email to clarify the status of the respective module. At the end, click on "Generate" and copy and paste the content into your email and send it to

If you have not heard back from us for a week, please send a new email!

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