Our group offers lectures and seminars for students pursuing their studies in the fields of physics, computer science, biology, as well as for interested students from other faculties.

Summer Term 18
B.Phy.5602 Theoretische Neurowissenschaften - Grundlagen
B.Phy.5605 B.Phy.7601 M.Phy.710 B.Bio-NF.119-2 B.Inf.401 Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
Collective dynamics of biological neural Networks II #350036
M.Phy.5614.Mp (Seminar) Journal Club
Computational Neuroscience #531360
Winter Term 18/19
B.Phy.5651.Mp Advanced Computational Neuroscience I
B.Phy.5614.Mp Proseminar Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatik
M.Phy.410.Mp M.Phy.413.Mp M.Phy.5601.Mp Seminar Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatik
B.Phy.56x.3C Introduction to Computer Vision and Robotics
B.Phy.56x.3Cb Practical Course on Computer Vision and Robotics

Computational Neuroscience Group - Internal