Our group offers lectures and seminars for students pursuing their studies in the fields of physics, computer science, biology, as well as for interested students from other faculties. Please see the following list of courses that will be offered. The list may be subject to change previous to the start of the semester.

Summer Term 2021
B.Phy.5651.Mp Advanced Computational Neuroscience I
B.Phy.5614.Mp Proseminar Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatik
M.Phy.410.Mp M.Phy.413.Mp M.Phy.5601.Mp Seminar Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatik
Winter Term 21/22
Advanced Computational Neuroscience I
UniVZ Stud.IP
Proseminar Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatik
UniVZ Stud.IP
Introduction to Computer Vision and Robotics
UniVZ Stud.IP
Vertiefung: Computational Neuroscience: Learning and Adaptive Algorithms II
UniVZ Stud.IP
Practical Course on Computer Vision and Robotics
UniVZ Stud.IP
Seminar Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatik
M.Phy.5601, M.Phy.410, M.Phy.413
UniVZ Stud.IP

Computational Neuroscience Group