Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to make an appointment for study guidance?
    For study guidance, we offer an interactive studyplan configurator, which facilitates the choice of modules. If there is a need for further advice please feel free to contact us and make an appointment.

  • I might make changes later on. Shouldn’t I delay my study plan?
    No. Even if later changes are necessary, this is no reason to delay the study plan. Changes can be done later on, if necessary. But getting an unchecked study plan accepted at the last minute will possibly fail and you might need to visit other lectures.

  • I almost finished my thesis. What do I need to do to get a study plan accepted?
    Get a time machine, travel back for a few years and get your study plan done in the past. In case you don’t have a time machine at hand, hope that your choice of courses will be accepted.

  • Can I change my studyplan after it got confirmed?
    Yes, please send us your whole updated studyplan (not just changes) in such a case.

  • I slightly changed my study plan. Do you need to approve it again?

  • Where can I conduct the internship?
    See below.

  • Which groups are recommendable for an internship?
    Those which are listed for a thesis above. In case you are interested in a field, feel free to contact the respective group via email (please use you university email address).

  • Do I need to do the internship at the CNS group?
    No, it can be completed at any group as long as the topic is appropriate. We need to approve your intern, though. Please send us a brief email describing what you are planning to do during the internship as soon as you found a topic and an advisor.

  • I have a question regarding the choice of key skill modules.
    The key skill modules are not part of the specialization and hence we can not answer questions about it.

  • I am using a plan someone else got signed already. Do I really have to get it accepted, again?
    Yes, you have to. It possibly goes faster, though.

  • I got my bachelor degree from another university. Do I have to catch-up courses?
    As far as neuroinformatics is concerned you are not required to take catch-up courses. However, it might be useful for you to aquire some basic knowledge. You might benefit from taking some of the mandatory introductory courses from the bachelor level.

    • B.Phy.5605 Grundlagen Computational Neuroscience
    • SK.Bio-NF.7001: Neurobiology
    • SK.Bio.356: Biologische Psychologie II
Computational Neuroscience Group