It is important keep in mind, that the availability of Bachelor’s- and Master’s-Thesis topics on short notice can not be expected. But for successful termination of your studies, it is not necessary to have created your Bachelor’s- or Master’s-Thesis in our working group. Therefore it is of utmost importance to organise your thesis in time.

Supervisor + Topic
Find a supervisor for your thesis and decide on a topic.
Propose Topic
You send us a brief (half page) outline of the topic via mail
Topic Confirmed
We confirm the topic if it meets the requirements

When organising your thesis make sure:

  1. You have a valid study plan before any practical or thesis work starts.
  2. For all bachelor-students or those master students, who want the certified specialisation, it is essential, that the thesis-topic originates from the field Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatik. Please clarify the applicability of your thesis topic with us in time. If the deanery has any doubt about the applicability, they will contact us when you register your thesis and then you might have wasted time and effort.

Interesting work groups for a thesis are for example the groups of

  • Florentin Wörgötter, Computational Neuroscience (involving robotics and CV)
  • Christian Tetzlaff, Learning and memory
  • Alexander Ecker, Neural Data Science
  • Fabian Sinz, Machine Learning
  • Michael Wibral, Data-driven Analysis of Biological Networks
  • Viola Priesemann, Neural systems theory
  • Fred Wolf, Computational Neuroscience (more to the biology side)

For thesis topics in our group, you best contact Prof. Wörgötter. Nonetheless, from time to time, we will publish topics directly on our homepage.


If you need further advice on your studyplan, feel free to contact us by mail and make an appointment to answer your questions personally. Before you contact us, please make sure that we are right contact and that your question is not covered in the FAQ below. The mail address is Please mention if you are a bachelor or master student. In case of studyplan related questions, name all modules you already passed.

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